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Anonymous said...

Everything looks OK on your site today, no repeats of yesterday's eror message . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi Don
I really enjoyed having a look around this site, your photos have been an inspiration for me in my watercolour paintings. Many thanks for letting me use the "Ice Follies" photo....I may be back for more inspiration later lol.

Happy gardening

Anonymous said...

Hi Don

I know this may sound a bit weird, but can you explain what a true weed is?


PhilCh said...

Hi Don - I stopped by your house and chatted the other evening. Have looked at your website and am delighted. I've bookmarked it to come back to. Besides the lovely pics the info on taxonomy and plants etc is fascinating. Am looking forward to the new look - good luck with it.


Franc said...

Don's Garden site looks accessible this morning. It seems you have cracked the Ruby on Rails interface upgrade problem. Well done !!

Lynsey in Mill Hill said...

I'm leaving a comment on the garden not the site.
I visited it today for the first time and had a really enjoyable and relaxing afternoon. Truly inspiring Don, thank you so much for your hospitality.

Greg said...


I was just viewing the home page and the caption that i believe is supposed to be under the images is on the side and intefering with your side menus.

I am viewing it in IE8.

As a quick check i looked at it in FireFox and there was no problem.


Don said...

Thanks Greg
I have looked at the website on two computers with IE8 and found no poroblems. I did have a slight problem when the window is resized, when the menu shifted to the left. I will look at the code and see if I could do something about it later.
I was nsure which caption and side menu you are referring to. So if you can please leave me an email under the contact_me menu.
Thanks again Don

Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

Your tropical fuchsia....could it be Fuchsia boliviana ?

Don said...

Thanks for that it is Fuchsia boliviana. Don't know who you are please drop me a line.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your site, it has helped with revise for my RHS level 2 exams, Di.

Franc said...

We followed your directions to go to and could find neither a place to log in nor any wedding photos. Can we have more directions please, as we REALLY would like to see more than the few images on Gwen's FB page.
Cheers, Franc & Annette

Anonymous said...

Hi Don, Iam here in Washington state, usa and I just found your blog by looking up pests of the beech tree. Found it! I sprayed my weeping purple beech and hopefully it will be clean. Thanks for your blog, love your pics...greengenes